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Registration of a new South African political party

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I thought this was way more complicated than it turns out. Actually I suppose it would have to be simplistic with the number of minor political parties registered in South Africa.

Full instructions here

I do plan on registering the NO-Vote Party at National level as a political party now that I see if won’t shouldn’t cost a fortune.

National Level Registration Requirements

  • Application for registration (Annexure 1 of the Regulations), fully completed
  • The Party name (not more than 60 echaracters) and abbreviated name (not more than eight letters) of the party;
  • A copy of the party‚Äôs constitution
  • Deed of Foundation signed by 500 registered voters who support the founding of the party (Annexure 6 of the Regulations)
  • Two sets of the party logo/symbol in colour
  • R500 registration fee
  • A party applying for registration at National level must place a Notice in the Government Gazette (Annexure 2 of the Regulations) and must submit proof of such publication (hard copy of the Gazette)


For the form to fill in/complete

Government Printing Works – Government Gazette

Louise Fourie

tel: 012-334 4686

fax: 012 3238805


Cost to advertise in the Government Gazette is R150.00, it is published once a week on a Friday, you need a logo and your IEC form.

Banking Details

Bank: ABSA
Account Name: Government Printers
Account no: 4057114016
Ref no: 000 000 01
Branch Code: 632005

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