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The Anatomy of the State

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A piece from an essay by Murray N. Rothbard, The Anatomy of the State


  • The state’s ultimate power to continue comes from our yearning to ourselves be in a position of power which if you seek the essence you will find is due to your fear. Why would anyone need power or control unless they where afraid?
  • You have no say in governance beyond your little cross on the ballot and your belief that they serve you
  • State/Government is a parasite
  • The state does not abide by it’s own rules and cannot for it could not exist otherwise.
    • Government theft in the form of taxes is the only theft everyone suffers. The police force is setup under the illusion of protection as is designed to keep your attention on all theft & crime besides that of the institution itself. They justify their theft by promising you safety, security…
    • Thieves must all aspire to government, Tax “Revenue” for 2009/2010 is estimated to be R589 billion compared to “The four highest-earning crimes in South Africa are costing victims an estimated R110.5bn a year, an expert at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) said on Tuesday. Speaking at conference in Johannesburg, Charles Goredema, head of the organised crime and money laundering programme at the ISS, said the four crimes in SA which contributed the most toward criminal activity were drug trafficking, smuggling, financial and predatory crime. He estimated that financial crimes “earned” the most with total gains of R80bn to R90bn a year, drug trafficking and smuggling of goods about R10bn each while predatory crimes such as robbery, house breaking and theft cost victims about R500m a year. ” I think the police will cost around R44 billion in 2009/2010 – Fighting Crime is good business.
    • The Police enforce laws they themselves do not abide by
    • Everything you or the state claim would be occur without governance is already occurring through the state
    • Leaders don’t go to war, they send your children to die, for what you may ask
    • They don’t want you educated because then you don’t require the state or enforce its structures
    • They also don’t want you to grow up and take responsibility, they want you to pay them to seemingly do so
    • The army is primarily to keep the people in check aka “fear” not “external” forces. If you think they alleviate your fear you are just unaware of how afraid you are.
    • They talk about equality and yet they sit in their lofty towers paying themselves loftier salaries
  • The state uses your morals as weapons against you. Patriotism is used to justify punishment of those that do not worship the state. Patriotism binds you to the state and its misdeeds.
  • State sponsored monopolies, that are supposed to serve the public’s needs, are inefficient or grossly overpriced. Eskom, Telkom

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