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Jacob Zuma the Gardener

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A friend of mine sent this to me which I found funny and ironic too.

It’s only racists if you see gardeners as having less value than the president, which I don’t, okay the president has better perks and his own set of rules and can embezzle with impunity whereas the gardener probably has greater job satisfaction.

In the greater scheme of things you could say Jacob Zuma is South Africa’s gardener and that he should be removing weeds, promoting growth, reducing wastage, mulching and watering deeply rather than often. Unfortunately he seems to be grabbing most of the resources for himself and a handful of “loyal” supporters.

Jacob's Instruction

OK my boy, after  you have donsard the weeds over there, I want you to fakka manzi on the  daffodils and then sula the corgis’ masimba in the  backyard.
Always remember  Sixpence Zuma that you must pumisa lo weeds zonke na lo roots. Makee  sure you no enza cockeye  OK!
When you done that I  want you to geza the Rolls iezeeko skratch eh!
I see that the baas  Philip’s old suit fits;   mushle!

[I have no idea who the copyright of the image belongs to – so if you know I’ll happily pass them the credit.]

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