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Government – bought and paid for…

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How is it that we humans keep making things worse for ourselves even though that is not our intention. Maybe it is our primary focus on “money” and businesses buyout of the government. It seems clear when looking at the decisions and policies government impliments that they are geared towards cutting business and particularly the largest businesses the greatest break whilst the poor and our environment suffer.

Could it be that the conditions we currently have globally are not due to any failure but rather due to us being extremely successful. This view helps us see that we have created the chaos and not that it is chaotic because we have failed to manage things.

Foreign Aid: Taxing poor people in rich countries for the benefit of rich people  in poor countries. Bernard Rosenberg


South African Tax Numbers

  1. The tax register has 10.3 million individual taxpayers, close to 2.1 million companies and 664 267 VAT vendors registered.
  2. 52.5% of income tax assessed is paid by 243 large companies with taxable income in excess of R200 million

Ironically  the portion of tax paid by individuals is increasing whereas company tax is declining.

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Who needs the Mafia when we have government and unions

The business of government

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