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Jacob’s Zuma

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If you haven’t heard about the painting “The Spear” by Brett Murray of Jacob’s Zuma and the subsequent hooha over it, you need to pull your head from the sand.

Now Jacob I’m pretty sure didn’t pose for this particular portrait, well at least not with his Zuma hanging from his pants. But Brett didn’t need to get Jacob to pose, he just took his inspiration from Mr Zuma’s everyday actions.

Now the president wants to shut Brett and all you open-minded and thoughtful people up by censoring our thoughts. So in a free and open democracy that supposedly doesn’t discriminate or at least “not much” you must just shut up and get back in line.

To be fair and honest Mr President I do think that you are being a bit of a dick*, I mean Zuma. You behave like a spoilt kid in a candy store when it comes to the female of the species and wonder why some people don’t take you seriously, seriously.

*Disclaimer:  I mean that in the nicest way and yes that is my most humble opinion and yes it has nothing to do with your colour, rather the colours you display.

Children follow by example Mr President so why not lead by example and all the people, women included if you hadn’t guessed, will applaud you for it.

This all reminds me of a joke I heard yonks ago:

Why Mr Zuma, did God give man two heads, but only enough blood to think with one at a time.

And here for all to ogle at is the offending piece of art


Brett Murray’s Website – looks like he’s taken down anything relating to “Hail to the Thief II” for the time being

The Goodman Gallery, where the painting first went on public display

More on the painting on Wikipedia

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