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The Corruption of Democracy

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What is needed for democracy to not only exist but thrive?

Is what we call currently democracy real, or are have we just been magnificently conned?

Democracy is decided via election …

Democracy is a means for the people to choose their leaders and to hold their leaders accountable for their policies and their conduct in office.”


Can a democracy exist while there is corruption? Or should we re-define it for what it really is: treasonous betrayal of the public’s trust! 

Voting – all factors must be know

So is it possible for democracy to exist when what we are choosing is not known. To vote means to make a choice which to me implies ‘knowing’ what you are choosing. If any of the ‘choices’ is unknown, then that ‘option’ cannot be chosen.

So as long as people do not in fact know the options or the real ramifications of their choices, we remain ignorant and sans choice.

Secondly, is it possible for leaders can be held accountable  when the ‘people’ are ignorant of the real goings on in government?

And finally if it costs millions to get elected, that excludes about 99.9% of the population from standing for election, so how do we truly have choice.


Vote Etymology

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