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E-tolling – Democracy or Apartheid Revisited

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Bend over and take it South Africa

Transport minister Sibusiso Ndebele, said “It’s done. The tolls are there, the money has been spent and decisions have been taken.”

Ministers, government workers and the South African people have forgotten who ‘government’ works for, and to what end. Government have faithfully maintained the Apartheid mindset where a minority dictates to a majority how they will live. We can debate the ludicrous idea that government is democratically elected and therefore has the right to dictate to the people. But just as blacks where not heard or counted in the past the majority of South Africans have no informed voice in what government forces down our throats.

I think it’s time we stopped blaming Apartheid as a white on black thing and see that it applies to any minority dictating to a majority and particularly to the “have’s ” and “have not’s”. It really is about equality, where each South African is equal and treated equally no matter the circumstance.

Equality not Discrimination

If we look at whet apartheid was really about and what South Africa needs to wake up to is the fact that every South African is equal. If we functioned from this mindset we could see that BEE & BBBEE are both further forms of discrimination and promote inequality. Yes, they promote it by design but if ‘apartheid’ aka discrimination or inequality are so bad/evil how can you claim that by doing evil it will balance things out. This is the eye for an eye mentality that has left South Africans blinded. We are not whites, blacks, coloureds, women, men, children, etc etc, we are South African’s and anything that is detrimental to any single South African will negatively impact all South Africans to their detriment.

Paying Twice or Legalised Theft aka Fraud

No 1, the South Afican people paid for the roads we currently have through funding the Government. So handing these resources over to a parastatal is fraudulent.

No 2, part of governments ‘job’ is to maintain infrastructure, this is what taxes are for. Now we still pay tax but are then charged again for the same service, that is fraudulent and another money grabbing extortionist tactic by the government.

Paying twice for the same service is fraud, theft and the fact that it is perpetrated by a bunch of useless spineless politicians who have zero accountability is totally opposite to what government was created for.

Government should server the people, not shaft them.

Fuel Taxes

For every litre of fuel you put into your car you pay R2.125 in Fuel Tax (Fuel Levy) and another 96c to the Road Accident Fund, 4c for customs duty, 0.15c for Petrolem products levy

What you pay to travel a kilometre on a South African road, let’s say your car gets 10l/100km to make it simple, that’s R3.13 per litre (R2.125 + R0.96+R0.04 = R3.13 per litre), R31.30 per 10 litres and 31 cents per kilometre for each and every kilometre you travel.

[pricing as of Feb 2014 but watch out government hike these taxes as fast as government bonuses.]


The most worrying part of this shafting is that the South African people bend over too willingly. This is the slavery that is the most insidious and harmful to our nation.

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