September 9, 2014

Story Ideas


Government Spending/Corruption/Transparency

It’s ‘our’ government but we know next to nothing of what it get’s up to?!

Government as Parasite

Make their own money through providing services, not us pay and then you possibly provide a service

Eskom Wage

Courts of corruption and disorder

Internet Lag 1000MBit

Fuck the Poor People get upset when it is said outright but what are we prepared to do – or do we see ourselves in thet category

Bank CEO Salaries

SA vs World Internet


Government is not your Friend


Goverment Salaries timeline

Salries per person – unemployment, per gdp, x basic wage

Military spending as % of GDP

Nigeria largest economy in Africa

GDP per capita

SA +- $500billion 26 in world, 50 million people per capita =


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