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Mayor encourages fraud & corruption

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What follows is an extract from the Pietermaritzburg Mayors State of the City Address given on the 31 July 2015. This was also reported in the Msunduzi News of June 2015 title “Former staffer fined R12000 for petrol theft”.

I find it ironic that the mayor uses the story to attempt to convince us of the great job they are doing. I’d say it is a great indicator but not in the way he tries to spin it but rather as a statement of how corrupt the system has become.

I thought the story was an advert to encourage criminals and promote fraud and corruption as a way to make money. In the story some unnamed “staffer” steals petrol valued at R242,000, which is a little bit more than R100,000, remember this is what we know about and the figure will definitely be more, he is then brutally fined R12,000 which minimised his profit to at least R230,000. We are meant to believe that this “punishment” fits the crime and will ensure no further theft, rather than assisting to promote it.

Moral of the story

  1. do not get caught
  2. go big or go home
  3. if caught, cross your heart and promise not to do it again (maybe they are just promising not to get caught again)
  4. pay the less than 4% duty (aka fine)
  5. better yet become president and steal billion’s

The man’s name apparently is Phiwokhule Magubane (51) and ironically he was a Community Health Worker.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in June this year, a former Msunduzi municipality employee was fined R12 000 by the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court. This was after admitting to stealing petrol worth over R100 000-00. Although he had initially denied this charge, video evidence was produced by the municipality and this led to the former staff member to admit to the charge of theft. This development is one of many that have defined the term of this council. We are a council that is determined to eradicating any form of fraud in this municipality. This commitment is reflected by our launching of the Anti-Fraud and Corruption Strategy in August last year. This took place at the same time that we launched our anti-fraud hotline which is independently managed. We are encouraged by the fact that we have received a very positive response from our residents who have reported instances of fraud and corruption, allowing for the arrest and prosecution of those who are bent on milking the coffers of state. Again we commit that no effort will be spared in punishing anyone that is hell bent on taking any rand and cent that is meant for the delivery of services to the residents of this municipality.
We hold the view that by taking a firm stance against fraud and corruption and sticking to the principles of good governance, each rand will go the extra mile in our quest to constructing roads, electrifying homes, providing top class health care facilities and ensuring that every child of Pietermaritzburg enjoys access to the best sporting facilities.
We believe that our firm stance on good governance principles has laid a crucial foundation in ensuring the successes that have been recorded during this term.

Mayors_State_of_the_City_Address_2015 – Full PDF

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