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How good is the government? Government Algorithm – Goverithm

Government Golden Rule: no borrowing allowed, forced fiscal balance.

Algorithm for Government or “Goverithm”

Defn: a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

A place for ideas to measure how effective government is each year or month ideally and then multiply their salary by that factor. i.e doing a 20% job, get 20% of the pay.

Government’s Function

Let’s measure the effectiveness of the functions government is supposed to perform. I know of no government that does this. Speak to 10 people and you’ll get a range of functions that government is supposed to perform. Why is there not a set to measure and rank?!

I’m going to assign a variable so you can get an idea of how this would work.

  • Petrol Price, as low as possible [Variable: PP]
  • Crime, as low as possible [Variable: CR]
  • Corruption, as low as possible [Variable:C]
  • Minimum Wage – government officials should not be able to make more than Y times minimum wage [Variable: MW]
  • Unemployment, as low as possible [Variable: U] or would Employment make more sense
  • Roads, best condition possible [Variable: R]

Other possible’s include size,

President’s Monthly Salary = (MW x 20) x (PP x CR x C x (1-U) x R)

I don’t currently have a way of measuring or equating to a baseline, PP, CR, C or R

Let’s say MW = R3,500 and Unemployment = 40% or 0.40

Presiden’t Monthly Salary = R3,500 x 20 = R70 000 x (1-0.40) = R42,000

Government Services

Government officials and service providers must make use of their own services. No more private hospitals and specialised care its government hospitals for you chaps. Maybe that way we’ll have hospital’s that actually function with some efficiency.

Public Servants

If you become a public servant you give up the right to flee the country. Hence if like Bob Mugabe you make a horses ass of your country, guess what you have to live in it and possibly your kids too, so they would have to agree for you to go into office.

And no private policing for you. Make things safe, you get no special protection like any other citizen.

Specia, my ass, they are retarded and mucking things up faster than Zuma can take a shower.

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