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About NO! VOTE

How is it that we call ourselves a Democracy when such a large “Majority” of the South African people, 44% in 2004 and 41% in 2009, didn’t fill in the ballot but cast their vote by not participating and are to this day not heard or represented.

Democracy, se voet!

Apartheid is alive and well and thriving in South Africa.

  • Is this majority, sick of political “bullshit” and the selve serving politicians that spew what they think we want to hear?
  • Is this majority tired of the empty promises and politicians selling their services to the highest bidder?
  • Are they just apathetic and couldn’t care about their future and where the country they live in is heading?
  • Why do we not listen to the “majority” of the South African people?

This site was started in protest in 2009 when I found once again that there was no candidate that I would trust to look after my best interest’s and those of the “majority” of my fellow South African brother’s and sister’s.

I say the NO! vote counts and should not be usurped by the ruling party of the day.

Remember when these voices where not counted

  • White Women – only got the vote in SA in 1930
  • Black South Africans – all they could say was NO! but they where not really counted until 1994
  • Rape victims and victims of abuse for a long time where not heard screaming “No!”
  • Victims of Household Violence – are still largely without a voice or unheard – how can they speak up when they don’t feel heard


Try this: take a day and ignore anyone who says “No” to you – see how much chaos that would cause and yet we don’t listen in our so-called Democracy.

Have your say!

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[Ironically if you say that the “No” vote does not count, according to you, your vote shouldn’t be counted here. ]

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