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2004 Elections

About 76% of all registered voters took part in the 2004 elections. Notably, only 56% of eligible voters (South African’s of voting age) took part in the election.

That makes the NO! VOTE the majority vote with 44%.

The ANC received 69.69% of the 56%, or 39% of of all eligible voters, votes.

Some might attribute this to voter apathy and some may see it as part of a boycott of an unjust system. I suggest that people choosing not to vote because they deem no candidate worthy of the trouble, is indeed a vote and a voice that needs counting.

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[Ironically if you say that the No Vote does not count, according to you tour vote shouldn’t be counted here. ]

Do you have a story or opinion to share, please make contact and I’ll see what I can do you get your opinion heard.

No Land! No House! No Vote! Campaign

Proponents of the No Land! No House! No Vote! Campaign have explained the reasons behind their campaign. They say that they have been voting since 1994 but have seen no positive result from voting. They claim that politicians are all corrupt and that there are no political parties that represent the poor. Proponents also make the structural argument that the electoral process itself is undemocratic, that poor people must speak for themselves, and that the movements should be unaligned and pressure whichever political party comes into power.

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