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2009 South African General Elections

South African General Elections

About 76% of all registered voters took part in the 2009 South African General Elections. Notably, only 59% of eligible voters (South African’s of voting age) took part in the election, up from 56% in 2004.

That makes the NO! VOTE the majority vote, once again, with 41%.

The ANC received 65.90% of the 59% or 38.9% of all eligible voters, votes.

About 12 million people eligible to vote either did not register to vote, about 7 million, or did register but did not vote 5.4 million.

Some might attribute this to voter apathy and some may see it as part of a boycott of an unjust system. I suggest that people choosing not to vote because they deem no candidate worthy of the trouble is indeed a vote and a voice that needs counting.

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[Ironically if you say that the No Vote does not count, according to you tour vote shouldn’t be counted here. ]

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